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Suunto t1


The Suunto t1 tempers science with
style for a sophisticated heart rate
monitor that’s powerful yet decidedly
simple. Aiming for weight loss, cardiovascular improvement or rigorous conditioning?
The Suunto t1 hides advanced technology behind an interface that’s friendly and easy to use. Because results matter more than features, the Suunto t1 focuses on the essentials—heart rate, calories burned and zone training—with unmatched accuracy and simplicity. With minimal instruction, walkers, runners,
spinners and cyclists can confidently use the Suunto t1 to achieve health and fitness goals.

Shape You's Review:

This one didn't win the top award but it's one of our most recommended monitors to our own clients. Because of it's incredible simplicity it's perfect for a new user to learn what using a heart rate monitor is all about. One of our favorite entries.