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Top Gear 08

Thorlos® Thick Cushion Running

by Thorlo, Inc.

Designed for: Allowing you to go the extra distance, on all terrains, with maximum shock absorption.

Fiber Contents: 85% Exclusive THOR•LON® Acrylic, 12% Stretch nylon, 2% Spandex


1 - Exclusive THOR•LON® construction wicks moisture better.

2 - Thick cushioning for maximum blister, shear and impact protection.

3 - Cushioning over the toes to prevent runner's toe.

4 - Flat knit at instep; thin cushion in arch for better fit and support.

Shape You's Review:

…and then there were Thorlos. It's like introducing your foot to a whole new world. Some of us were very upset that we've just been wearing socks our whole lives. It's hard to even call these socks. Every one of these models was taking foot comfort to a whole new level.