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CamelBak Better Bottle

by CamelBak

The CamelBak Bottle represents a whole new generation of ideas from the CamelBak product team aimed at ease of use while on the go or exercising.

• Easy sipping, No spilling using the Big Bite Valve
• Simple to Carry with an integrated handle for the crook of your finger or clipping to a carabiner
• One Hand Usage it’s simple to just flip up the Big Bite Valve and sip. No tipping required
• The Perfect Size the Bottle fits easily in your hand and carries just the right amount
• So Easy to Clean it’s dishwasher-safe
• Quick Flip Close the articulating stem allows the Big Bite Valve to fold flush to the bottle when not in use, so it stays clean. It flips back into drinking position just as easily
• Fits other Bottles using a standard cap size
• Available in 12 Colors (.75) blue, red, orange, green, pink, light blue, grey, coyote, black, fire, ocean, purple (new colors for ’07)
• Available in 3 sizes .5 liter, .75 liter, and 1 liter
.75 L $12.00
.5 L $10.00
1 L $14.00