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Top Gear 08

Five Ten Prism (climbing shoe) $139

by Five Ten

Charles Cole spent 5 years in R&D with the new Prism design. In the fall of ’07, Cole was awarded a Patent on Prism Technology—the most significant breakthrough in climbing shoe design since the development of Stealth rubber. The multi-faceted toe puts more rubber on the rock, with flatter edges and pointier points that edge better and penetrate pockets more efficiently than ever before. Prism’s sport Stealth Onyxx rubber.

Shape You's Review:

What's up sticky foot? SpiderMan can only compete because he has Kirsten Dunst. Our top climbing shoe selection. It's very hard to explain the feel of these shoes. Even before you put them on your first thought will be, "Oh yeah, that's gonna have a good grip." The shape of the toe really lets you grab on as if your feet had fingers. The rubber on these shoes grips like nothing we've seen.