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Great Gear 08

Camp 4

by Five Ten

The new Camp 4 is a rugged multi-purpose/approach shoe with an external heel cage for added rear-foot support and stability. The Camp 4 is a hiker’s dream. It is light enough for everyday wear, but extremely rugged, and designed as an alternative to heavy, clumsy leather hiking boots. The Camp 4 features our new proprietary technology--a molded PU external heel cage that adds rear-foot support and stability, allowing you to hump heavy loads for long distances, without the need for a high-top boot! This extremely stable, secure shoe has a lace to toe closure that can be worn relaxed, for a long-distance fit, or tightened, for climbing and scrambling. Co-molded Stealth C4/S1 high-friction soles provide the world’s best friction on any terrain. $105

Shape You's Review:

We believe this will become one of this summers hiking shoe of choice. It really gives great ankle support for a low top shoe. Perfect for hot summer hiking. And all of our female judges thought they were cute enough to wear shopping even in Beverly Hills. How about that? From Rodeo Drive to the rodeo, these shoes are a perfect fit.