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Wellness Bar Acai & Blueberry

by Aristo Health, Inc.

Each Aristo Wellness Bar has a powerful, patented blend of 3 �Super Nutrients for your Body + Mind�:
- encapsulated EPA/DHA omega-3's (support better brain function, healthy joints and help to protect against cardiovascular disease)
- natural plant sterols (clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol)
- super fruit antioxidants (help maintain cell function which supports healthy ageing, boost the immune system and provide a burst of energy

Our innovative nutrition bars have a chewy granola base with health boosting, all natural and highly organic ingredients. We do not use high fructose corn syrup or trans fats and the bars are low glycemic, only 140 calories, have low sodium and are good source of dietary fiber. Enjoy the Aristo Wellness Bars in three delicious flavors of super fruits pomegranate & cranberry, acai & blueberry, and goji berry & orange.