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Pomology Joint Formula

by Bullwater Fitness/ Pomology

A unique pomegranate-based antioxidant formula that supports joint lubrication and promotes healthy cartilage function by attacking free radicals.*

• Pomology’s JOINT formula is optimized with a premium blend of proven ingredients, including HA, Bosellia, MSM, and standardized pomegranate extract. These key components play a key role in long-term joint health by maintaining healthy joints and joint tissues.*

• Pomology JOINT formula contains Hyaluronic Acid, a special protein occurring naturally throughout the human body. It is a key component of collagen and is important for maintaining healthy joints.*

• Our JOINT formula is optimized to help lubricate and hydrate joint tissues while its pomegranate-based antioxidants have been found to nourish cartilage and promote joint mobility.*