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Pomology Anti-Aging with Resveratrol

by Bullwater Fitness/ Pomology

A unique Resveratrol-based antioxidant formula designed to promote healthy aging and longevity through the combined benefits of red wine extract, pomegranate and açaí.*

• ANTI-AGING WITH RESVERATROL formula features resveratrol, the potent antioxidant that is the active ingredient responsible for the health benefits of red wine. Laboratory studies suggest that resveratrol may be effective in fighting cancer and viruses, slowing aging, reducing inflammation, and extending life spans.

• ANTI-AGING WITH RESVERATROL formula also contains acai and pomegranate extracts, two of nature’s most potent sources of concentrated antioxidants, to combat premature aging and promote cardiovascular health.*

• ANTI-AGING WITH RESVERATROL formula includes red wine extract to further deliver the health benefits of red wine without the calories and detrimental effects of alcohol consumption.