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Lemon Zest Green Tea Nutrition Bar T-Bar

by Tzu The Intl., Inc.

T-Bar is a delicious whole-food made with Sprouted Brown Rice, EGCG rich Tzu Green Tea Leaves developed by Dr. S Liao, and Brewer’s Yeast (no Alcohol) from Japan’s Sapporo beer distillery. It’s all natural and cold-processed for optimum enzyme activity, and an excellent source of vitamins C, E, B2, B6, magnesium, selenium and folic acid. High in fiber, low calories T-bar is formulated well for health-conscious people. Made with the finest ingredients, it is vegan friendly and contains no GMO ingredients, no refined sugars, no hydrogenated oils and no preservatives.

3 grams of EGCG rich green tea loose leaf in every bar, fill with whole grain goodness, low in glycemic index and rich in enzymes and antioxidants. 120 calories per bar.

Ingredients list: Whole Grain Sprouted Brown Rice, Whole Grain Oats, Corn Flakes, Whole Grain Buckwheat, Konnyaku Natural Sweetener, Unsulphured Dried Fruit (Lemon Zests, Grapes), Dried Tomatoes, Green Tea Leaf, Flax Seeds, Brewer's Yeast, Salt

Sprouted Brown Rice – germinated brown rice with GABA and IP-6 nutrients.
Konnyaku Natural Sweetener – derived from Konjac, a Japanese tuber.