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Great Gear 08


by Ecodiscoveries

EcoDiscoveries is the only safe and effective solution for your “pane in the glass.” This plant-derived formula shines windows, mirrors, and more. Plus, it’s ammonia-free and fragrance-free. Shine your way to a clean environment. Safe has a spotless side.

Features & Benefits

We make our Glass free from hazardous chemicals so yours can be too.

Non-Toxic Biodegradable Chlorine-Free
Petroleum-Free Glycol-Free Phosphate-Free
Ammonia-Free Caustic-Free No Animal Testing
Hypoallergenic Fragrance-Free Dye-Free

And Streak-Free!

Where to Use

Our Glass is safe for the many surfaces of your world. Spray and wipe clean on any surface that can have contact with water such as: windows, car, appliances, shiny surfaces, plastic, rubber, vinyl, tile, glass, and more.


Water, plant-derived surfactants and naturally-derived soil emulsifiers.

Thoroughly spray the surface and wipe clean