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by Ecodiscoveries

MultiZyme by EcoDiscoveries is the only safe and effective multipurpose solution for all your cleaning needs. This enzymatic formula eats away grime inside and outside your home, your gym equipment or sports equipment, even your car. Keep your whole environment safe, clean, and chemical free. Safe has many sides.

Features & Benefits

We make our MultiZyme free from hazardous chemicals so yours multiple surfaces can be too.

Non-Toxic Biodegradable Chlorine-Free
Petroleum-Free Glycol-Free Phosphate-Free
Ammonia-Free Caustic-Free No Animal Testing
Hypoallergenic Fragrance-Free Dye-Free

This is a multipurpose cleaner with muscle that is safe around children and pets and most any surface.

Where to Use

Our MultiZyme is safe for the many surfaces of your world. Spray and wipe clean on any surface that can have contact with water such as: carpet, fabric, concrete, cars, appliances, children’s toys, car seats, shiny surfaces, plastic, rubber, vinyl, tile, glass, counter tops, pet crates, and more.


Water, proprietary blend of enzymes and surfactants