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Invigorating Shampoo with Chili Pepper and Vit. E

by My Natural World, LLC.

SantÚ Natural Invigorating Chili Pepper and Vitamin E Shampoo for Fine and Fragile Hair

SantÚ Natural an ethnobotanical line manufacturing and distributing high quality natural shampoos and conditioners for more than 25 years.

SantÚ Natural is the one personal care line that combines traditional herbal remedies proven by our ancestors and cultures with high quality natural ingredients.

This invigorating yet extremely mild shampoo with Chili pepper and Vitamin E helps you strengthen and protect your hair roots as well as thickens your hair follicles naturally.

Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals
Natural Gentle Formula for Daily Use and Color Treated Hair
Environmentally Friendly, PH Balanced and with Natural Preservatives
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Chemical Colors or Dyes
No Animal Products or By-Products. No Animal Testing

Chili Pepper rich in Vitaimins, Iron, Phosphate and Calcium has been used traditionally by some ancient cultures for its healing properties.

Vitamin E & C have restorative properties that help your hair be strong

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