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Hair Fortifying Soap w/ Cacahuananche + Vit E

by My Natural World, LLC.

Santé Natural Hair Soap (Scalp Treatment) with Cacahuananche and Vitamin E and C for SevereThinning Hair with an Oily Scalp

Santé Natural an ethnobotanical line manufacturing and distributing high quality natural shampoos and conditioners for more than 25 years.

Santé Natural is the one personal care line that combines traditional herbal remedies proven by our ancestors and cultures with high quality natural ingredients.

This Hair Fortifying scalp treatment with Cacahuananche and Vitamin E and C helps strengthen your hair roots and maintains healthy hair growth naturally.

100% Vegetable Soap
Intense Treatment to be used Once a week
Environmentally Friendly and PH Balanced
No Animal Products or By-Products
No Animal Testing Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals
Cacahuananche also known as mother of cocoa is a wild tree that bears a fruit. The oil from the seed of that fruit is rich in trace minerals and it has been used traditionally to treat scalp and stop hair loss.

Vitamin E & C enhance the production of elastin and collagen to strengthen weakened hair roots

This scalp treatment is to be used only once a week in combination with our Hair Fortifying Shampoo for thinning hair.

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