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Dream Boost - Sleep and Dream Enhancer

by Upstate Dream Instittute

Dream Boost is an all-natural dietary supplement developed by the Upstate Dream Institute as a sleep and dream enhancer. Dream Boost’s patent-pending formula optimizes sleep patterns for restful and productive sleep while increasing dreaming ability, vividness, and recall. The synergy of Dream Boost’s active ingredients, working together in low level doses, is the key to its effectiveness, thus making the product gentle and safe for regular use. Benefits to a quality night’s sleep with Dream Boost include reduced stress, enhanced creativity, improved concentration, and a restful feeling with a positive outlook. Dream Boost contains no addictive ingredients and is non-habit forming.

Dream Boost is available in 10 & 20 Tablet Boxes. All Boxes are sold in Cartons (10 Boxes) and Cases (12 Cartons). Current Product Liability Insurance is 2 million / 2 million. FedEx Ground is our preferred method of shipping, but UPS, DHL, & USPS can be requested. Cost for shipping is the responsibility of the retailer.