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Greens Pak 30-pak box

by Trace Minerals Research

Greens Pak is a great-tasting, easy-to-mix phyto-nutrient powder that is loaded with energy-packed whole foods, super fruits, antioxidant foods, vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, fiber and plant extracts to help energize your body.� These �Super-Foods� are the foods we should eat daily for optimum health and wellness.� However, most of us don�t get them in our standard diet.
The organic green plants, healthy herbs and spices, natural food concentrates, and antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables in Greens Pak provide the necessary nutrients your body needs to help fight against roaming free radicals and to balance out a diet that is typically missing these key nutrients.�
A super blend of completely natural vitamins, ConcenTrace� ionic trace minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and symbiotic intestinal flora helps to provide your body with added energy, increased metabolism, efficient digestion and detoxification, and helps strengthen your body�s natural defenses for heightened rejuvenation and longevity.� Take Greens Pak every day and your body will love you!