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Great Gear 08

Smoked Almond with Calcium

by Snacktrition/ Mellace Family Brands

3oz- Health Baked Smoked Almonds with Calcium. We are infatuated with almonds. Who knew those gentle curves were such a powerhouse of fiber, protein, vitamin E and so many other important health boosting compounds? A naturally healthy treat, almonds are the reason we made Health Baked Smoked Almonds with Calcium. What is Health Baked you ask? Itís simple. We take an almond, sprinkle it with calcium, and oven roast it with natural smoke flavor and sea salt. Thatís it. Our almonds are baked with all the nutrients and wholesomeness you need, nothing else and we know youíll love the resultóa nutrition, tasty snack that only tastes better the more you eat it.