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Great Gear 08

WB-MS Workbench Multi System

by Powertec Fitness

Fusing a dozen of the most effective free weight exercises into a single machine, the Powertec WB-MS workbench multi system is a must for the serious workout enthusiast. The WB-MS is technically a leverage gym, meaning it combines the feel and resistance of free weights with the safety and control of a machine. At the same time, the multi system doesn't use any cables or pulleys, so aside from pure motion, it's virtually maintenance-free and is remarkably easy to assemble. All told, the machine offers a multi-press station for chest and shoulder exercises (500-pound capacity), a squat station for legs (500-pound capacity), a lat station for back muscles (400-pound capacity), a leg lift (250-pound capacity), an arm curl station (200-pound capacity), and an ab crunch station (150-pound capacity). Add them all together and you have everything you need to build and tone every major muscle group in the body.