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Great Gear 09

The New Herb Keeper

by Cuisipro USA

The New Herb Keeper from Cuisipro Keeps Fresh Herbs Fresher Longer

New Castle, DE March 2009 The Cuisipro Herb Keeper stores and keeps fresh herbs fresh longer, in some cases up to two weeks longer. Like a bunch of fresh flowers, herbs need fresh water, refrigeration and a little space to remain fresh, colorful and crisp. The Cuisipro Herb Keeper designed to fit refrigerator door shelves makes it easy.

The clear plastic container is 9.5inches tall and 4.75inches in diameter and holds large, grocery store or farm market sized, bunches of herbs. A knob on the lid makes it simple to lift up the suspended tray to fill the herb container with about an inch of water. Herb bunches are inserted into the slots on the tray. The suspended tray allows the herb stems to hydrate while the herb leaves are above the water, not in the water. The suspended tray also lifts up and out of the way so the container can be filled with fresh water easily and so herbs can be accessed.

The Herb Keeper is an economical smart kitchen storage tool to get the most out of fresh herbs when they are in season. Herbs like Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano flourish in the herb keeper. Even Dill, which tends to wilt and get slimy, retains its flavor and texture for days longer in the Cuisipro Herb Keeper. Stalk vegetables like asparagus and celery also stay fresh and crisp in the Cuisipro Herb Keeper. Like water for fresh flowers, water in the Cuisipro Herb Keeper should be changed regularly.