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About ShapeYou Kev


ShapeYou.com is the creation of fitness and nutrition guru Tony Hale, and provides a wealth of information, articles and resources for consumers, service providers, manufacturers and wholesalers in the health and fitness industry. 


The huge selection of health and fitness products out in the marketplace gave ShapeYou.com the idea to create and run the GearAwards™.  We wanted people to easily find the best of the best that's out there and if it has a GearAward™ seal on it, that just makes it simpler to find a great service or product - because we've done the footwork already.


We developed our Sports, Health & Fitness Wholesale directory to give all the manufacturers that are making amazing products in fields like natural & organic foods, fitness gear and commercial gym equipment, a place to post their products so they can easily be browsed by qualified wholesale buyers looking to set up new accounts.  


Our local Sports, Health & Fitness Resource Guide was built to let people from every community find what they need, close to home. People post everything from health food stores, natural health care practitioners, sporting goods or even person-to-person posts like someone looking for a workout partner.  Since anyone can post for free, it’s a great tool to help you find what you need.