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Acceptable GearAward™ Entry Products

Acceptable Products

All Individual and Team Sports Products

All Home and Professional Health Improvement Products

All Fitness Products

All Home Fitness or Commercial Gym Equipment

Anything Aiding Personal Trainers

All Fitness & Active Apparel

All Sporting Goods

All Natural & Organic Food Products

Natural Health & Fitness Supplements*

*(Excluding all diet pills or synthetic substances.)

All Natural Nutrition Products

All Recreational Sports Products

All Health & Fitness Gadgets or Software

All Natural Health & Fitness Related Kid's Products

All Outdoor Activity Products

All Therapeutic Products

All Maternity Health & Fitness Products

All Sports, Health and Fitness Books/DVDs

Natural Beauty & Personal Care Products

Health Monitors


Many of these categories will be broken down into subcategories. This is just a basic breakdown. You don't need to submit your product into a specific category because it may end up falling into more than one category. Just make sure that your product doesn't fit into one of the Unacceptable categories below.  


Unacceptable Products


No Diet Pills

No Synthetic Supplements

No Synthetic Food Products

No products containing artificial sweeteners (Stevia is okay)

No Drugs

No Hunting Gear (Fishing is acceptable)

Nothing Indecent, Obscene or Offensive by Our Standards