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FREE Business Listings for Your Health, Fitness or Sporting Business

  Below you will find two options to list your business for free!

You can see our Local Sports, Health & Fitness Resource Guide Here.  

Free Premium Business listings will include:

• Top Placement in search results
• Up to 4 images
• Premium listings don't expire
• Add unlimited locations with each showing up as its own listing.

Qualified Wholesale Buyers list for FREE

If you have a health food store, sporting goods store or other retail location, you can post for free by registering as a qualified wholesale buyer for free. 

Just register as a Wholesale Trade Buyer for FRE and once we verify that your permit is current and active, you will be able to sign in and post your premium listing.

This option will also give you full access to our Sports, Health & Fitness Wholesale Directory where you can browse the hottest products in the market, see wholesale pricing info and contact the suppliers directly... all for free.  Once you register and send us the needed materials to verify that you are a qualified wholesale buyer, your account will activated and you can post your free premium listing with unlimited locations right away.

If you're a qualified wholesale buyer with a current seller's permit, resale license, or resale certificate, you can register for FREE as a wholesale buyer on our Wholesale Trade Directory and you will be able to post a premium listing with unlimited locations for FREE. Just register as a Wholesale Trade Buyer for FREE and once we verify that your permit is current and active, you will be able to sign in and post your premium listing.



... or Use one of the following special coupon codes and receive a free premium listing for 2 years.

 To list your busines in one of the following categories, just use the coupon code listed to the right of your category.  If you're one of the first 50 listings in that category (or before we have removed the coupon code for that category) you will recieve a FREE Premium Listing for 2 years with no strings attached. That's it.  It's that simple.  Since the resource guide is brand new and we want to fill it quickly, you were just in the right place at the right time.  Your only job will be to let us know what you think and send us any suggestions you come up with on how to make the resource guide better.   Happy Posting!

Listing Type-------------- Coupon Code
Personal Trainer--------- freetrainer2
Gym/Fitness Center---- freegym2
Pilates--------------------- freepilates2
Yoga----------------------- freeyoga2
Martial ARts--------------- freemartial2
Golf Instruction----------- freegolf2
Tennis Instruction-------- freetennis2
Natural Practitioner------ freenatpract2

 Remember, if you have a valid Wholesale license, retail license, resale license or seller's permit, register above as a Free Wholesale Buyer and your premium listing will be free for as long as your permit is active.