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Health Food Store Owner Resources

All Tools listed on this page are forever 100% FREE for all Health Food Store / Supplement and Vitamin Store owners

On this page, we have put together some tools to help health food stores and vitamin / supplement stores succeed.  Since you are the retailers that are helping this country take control of their own health, we want to help you promote your business.

You can also find information on helping us spread the word about natural and orgainc products and natural health options by visiting our Natural & Organic Awaremess Program.  By submitting information, articles, tips and more we can pool our knowledge and educate the public about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Promote Your Store to Your Local Shoppers

We have made this a free feature for all Health Food Stores and Vitamin / Supplement Stores.  Customers in your area can find your company on our Local Sports, Health & Fitness Resource Directory.  With categories for Health Food Stores and Vitamin / Supplement Shops, people searching the internet can find your location on our website.  You can post pictures, store description, even multiple locations if you have them... all with maps and the ability for visitors to contact you directly through our message system, all for free.  Just register below as a qualified wholesale buyer (This is also free) and when you login as a buyer, we've placed a link on your control panel  so you can post a Premium listing on our Local Directory for FREE.   

Find the Hottest Natural & Organic Food & Personal Care Products for Your Store

Finally, a searchable Wholesale Trade Directory specific to the natural & organic food and personal care industries.  The directory is totally free for qualified wholesale buyers.  Just register and verify that you have a valid seller's permit, resale license, wholesale certificate, or wholesale license and you'll be able to login and browse products from hundreds of natural and organic product manufacturers.  You'll even be able to see some wholesale pricing info and contact the manufacturers direclty for quotes and more product information. 

You'll also be able to post Trade Leads when you're looking for a specific type of product for your store.  Say a customer comes in looking for liquid form of CoQ10.  You can login and post a Trade Lead in 2 minutes and have 3 or 4 responses within hours.  Manufactures  will reply to your Trade Lead with the type of product they can ship you, their wholesale pricing and required quantities.  It's like doing research without any of the work. Register for free here, and once we verify your seller's permit, we'll activate your account and you can login.   

 See the Wholesale Trade Directory Here

Free access to the natural health retailers social networking community. 

 Our partners have created the Health Stores Unite online social networking community where natural retailers can login and talk to other retailers and share success stories or information about products that they have tried and liked or disliked. In this community, retailers can visit discussion forums, post events, videos to help educate your customers, photos and send messages to other users, just like a MySpace or Facebook, but designed specifically for natural health retailers.

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 Trade leads (Product research without the work.)

 When you register for free as a buyer on the Wholesale Trade Directory, you'll have access to our industry Trade Leads.  In any category, you can post a request for what you're looking for.  If you need a new type of probiotic, just post a trade lead describing what you're looking for and go back to work.  Check back in a few hours and manufactureres will have sent you messages  describing their product, minumum orders, wholesale pricing and any other infromation you requested.  The best part is that all the messages go to your in system message center and nobody has your email.  So, you don't have to receive annoying emails every week from companies asking you to carry their products.  You just answer the messages you want to answer.  

Register for free as a Wholesale Buyer here.