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How Digestion is Supposed to Work

My digestion is fine...Is my digestion fine?  Is my digestion working correctly?


Most people have no clue how or if their digestion is working.  I find that the majority of clients that I see think that if food goes in one end and something comes out the other, digestion is working great.  Let’s look at the basic mechanics first.


Here’s how it works: 

HCL in the stomach has a pH of .8, added to the food in your stomach pH should be near 3. The acid product then goes into the duodenum (First 14-18 inches of small intestine), liver produces bile – Gallbladder concentrates it up to 18X.   Bile is alkaline – Bile drops in the duodenum on the acid product that came from the stomach. So, its a pH of 8.5 (The bile) dumping on a pH of 3 (the acid product from your stomach). That’s a difference of over 100,000 times. This is an explosion, or a sizzle, if you will.  This is what makes everything that was in that food, now available for you to use.  Without this explosion, all the food can’t be broken down enough to properly assimilate it.

Basically everything that goes into your mouth will be broken down and used in one way or another by the body.  Anything you put in your mouth that cannot be broken down and/or used correctly now becomes a problem that your body has to deal with.  So when we eat food that we think is nourishing our body, but it’s not being broken down properly, not only does the food not nourish our body, now our body usually has to pull reserve nutrients out of the system to handle the task of getting rid of whatever it is that’s going to clog everything up. 


Carbonation can make you burp but this is an explanation of the more common cause.  Bacteria in your stomach create the gas that makes you burp.  So if bacteria are alive in your stomach that means that the pH of your stomach is not acidic enough. (Below a pH of 4.5 bacteria die.)

The real trouble with this is that you don’t really break down amino acids and truly assimilate the food you’re eating until your stomach acid is below 3.  If you can’t break down amino acids and pull the minerals out of your food you will have a low mineral identity, usually low blood pressure, and this can affect your energy and even cause depression (Many natural practitioners believe that this is one of the most common causes of depression).  Beyond that, much of the food (Or junk) that we put in our mouth that doesn’t get properly digested becomes a problem that your body now has to deal with.  When it has too much to deal with it will store junk in fat cells until it can get back to it.  

Passing Gas

People think everyone has gas.  What’s the big deal?  The problem is most adults don’t have their digestion working correctly anymore.  If you’re passing gas often it’s because your bile isn’t dropping enough.  If your bile isn’t dropping into the duodenum to meet the acid product from the stomach, you can’t assimilate minerals or nutrients from your food.  This can also cause the stuff that doesn’t get assimilated to be stored as fat.

If you’re having either of these issues or maybe both, do some research or HCL supplementation and other digestive aids that can help your bile flow more easily.  Many people use HCL supplements to increase their stomach acid if they’re burping a lot.  Supplements containing beets and beet greens are often used to help a person’s bile flow more freely.  Both of these functions are needed for your digestion to be working properly.  Too much of one and not enough of another will usually result in some type of indigestion, acid reflux, diarrhea, weight gain, or just a general lack of energy.