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How to Make Eating Organic More Convenient

Where There's an Organic Will, There's an Organic Way

Okay, we get it.  This organic food hype is really a lot more than just hype.  We now understand that there is true value in eating organic.  If you’re still learning about organics, read: Organic Views on Organic Foods & Products here: http://www.shapeyou.com/pages/organic_views_on_organic_foods_products

But how can we make eating organic more convenient?  First, lets look at the long term things we can do to make eating organic more convenient.  Many people’s complaints are that there are so many other foods that are just easier to buy, prepare or take on the run.  But think about that.  We didn’t always have these convenient foods.  The definition of convenient food 100 years ago was that the chicken was already killed and you didn’t have to run around and try and catch it first.  Things have changed because we, as consumers, have demanded that they change.  When our ancestors had the option to shop at “Frank’s Catch Your Own Chicken Shack” or the vendor next door that sold chicken that had already been killed, cleaned and placed in a sack to carry home, Frank was run out of business (Or he was forced to catch his own chickens and adjust to what the market was demanding).

We have the same power today.  We can whine, beg and plead all we want to try to get manufacturers to make organic choices more convenient and available but nothing will speak as loud as the way you vote with the dollars you spend.  The fact remains, junk is cheaper to produce.  So, as long as we buy the junk, why would the food industry make any changes, especially ones that will cut into their profits?  To get the changes you want, you have to demand them and nothing speaks louder than every dollar that you spend.  

Now, what about methods to make eating organic more convenient today?  More and more companies are putting more organic ingredients in their products.  But let me cover something real quick that a lot of people misinterpret.  Just because something is organic, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  If you buy an organic chocolate bar stuffed with french fries macaroni and cheese it’s still junk food.  The word “Organic” is not a magic wand to wipe away all the junk that lies within that wrapper.  So shopping organic is a great step but you still have to shop intelligently.  As you move past the disguised candy, one thing that a lot of people overlook is frozen produce.  Most people think that they need to buy fresh to get the benefits of organic and that just isn’t true.  As a matter of fact, in my opinion, some organic frozen vegetables are actually better for you than some organic fresh ones.  If you can buy fresh, locally grown organic produce, that’s always the best choice.  But a lot of organic produce was picked two weeks ago.  You can even look at the bottom of some broccoli stalks and see where it has begun to hallow out because the plant is eating itself to continue to receive nutrients that it was receiving from the ground.  So, we lose some mineral content that way.  Organic frozen vegetables are frozen as soon as they are picked and then shipped that way. Plus, just skipping the prep time and having the ability to store frozen vegetables in your freezer and take them out at any time can be a huge convenience booster.

When it comes to organic meats, try cooking enough for the week and then mix up the way you use it to give yourself some variety.  Since it’s sometimes hard to find restaurants that serve organic meat (Again, vote with your dollars), you can cook more than enough chicken, for example, and then use that chicken in different dishes.  If the chicken is already cooked, it’s easy to heat up some vegetables to go with it, add it to a salad or make a whole grain wrap.  This trick alone will cut your prep time tremendously for most of your meals.  

So, slowly add new tricks to your meal preparation and let us know if you come up with any good ones.  And remember that your money speaks louder than your mouth so shut up and buy organic.