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Natural & Organic Awareness Program

Help us Increase awareness to consumers about the benefits of natural and organic foods by sharing information and listing your business so consumers in your area can find you.

The Natural & Organic Awareness Program is all about pushing your efforts into the mainstream, helping everyone understand not only the benefits of using natural and organic products, but also helping them find stores in their area, like yours, where they can find these products.  Everything in this program will be completely FREE with no charges, whatsoever.  

 Promote Your Store

 We have  built an amazing Local Health & Fitness Resource Directory where consumers can find healthy restaurants, natural practitioners and health food stores in their area.  They can search by category, zip code, or Store Name.  We have categories for both Health Food Stores and Supplement / Vitamin Shops and distributors. We built the system to charge companies for a premium listing but we have added a back door so you can list your company for free.  Just register as a qualified wholesale buyer (This is also free and described below), and once your account is activated, you can login to find the link we have added to your control panel so you can post a Premium Listing for FREE.  If you have more than one location, this listing allows you to add all of your locations for free. 

Free Natural & Organic Wholesale Directory

 Finally, a searchable Wholesale Trade Directory specific to the natural & organic food and personal care industries. The directory is totally free for qualified wholesale buyers.  By finding all of the hottest, new natural & organic products available on the market, you can give your customers what they're looking for and they will spread the word for us.  Just register and verify that you have a valid seller's permit, resale license, wholesale certificate, or wholesale license and you'll be able to login and browse products from hundreds of natural and organic product manufacturers. You'll even be able to see some wholesale pricing info and contact the manufacturers directly for quotes and more product information.
You'll also be able to post Trade Leads when you're looking for a specific type of product for your store. Say a customer comes in looking for a liquid form of CoQ10. You can login and post a Trade Lead in 2 minutes and have 3 or 4 responses within hours. Manufactures will reply to your Trade Lead with the type of product they can ship you, their wholesale pricing and required quantities. It's like doing research without any of the work. Register for free here, and once we verify your seller's permit, we'll activate your account and you can login.

See the Wholesale Trade Directory Here.

 Help us Spread the Knowledge

Contact Us Here to send us any articles you or your friends have written about the benefits of natural and organic products. Once approved, we'll publish them on our site and after you post your business on our resource directory for free, we'll place a link from the article to your store resource listing so readers can find your location.  Below we have placed some samples of the type of articles and information we would like to make available to the public.  

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How to Make Eating Organic More Convenient by Tony Hale
Natural & Organic Personal Care Products: Our Heroes? by Tony Hale
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