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To Get the Most Out of Your Workout, You Really Need to Get Your Nutrition in Shape

There is no diet that works for every person. It just doesn’t exist.  Anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t understand how he human body works. 

The same diet that makes one person lose weight will make another gain weight.  By understanding your specific body chemistry and what nutrients your body is processing most effectively, you can work with your body in your in your weight loss efforts.  Too many people work like crazy in the gym, just to eliminate their efforts with the wrong nutrition for their specific body chemistry.  

About Tony Hale

Tony Hale is a certified personal trainer and nutritional specialist. With 12 years of experience and his articles published on over 150 websites, Tony has become a fixture in the nutritional world. Tony is also the editor in chief of the nationally acclaimed health and fitness website, ShapeYou.com and the creator of the GearAwards™, a national program that recognizes products as being the best in fields such as natural and organic foods, natural health, and sports and fitness industries. You can read more about the GearAwards™ or browse winners here

Tony’s training style is unique in the way he incorporates nutrition.  By nutritionally educating his clients, he can often help you understand why you’ve gained weight and the science that creates what you’re seeing and feeling from your body. Since losing weight is not always as simple as “Put down the Ding Dongs”, Tony helps his clients understand how the body truly functions and finds easy ways to explain the needed information that is left out of the main stream. 

Why Tony's Approach is Different

 Due to his own health issues, Tony was actually forced into learning so much about nutrition and how it can affect the human body. A five-year period where Tony was unable to speak left him very motivated to continue studying and learning.  After 23 doctors could not figure out what was causing the problem, and each doctor’s recommendation was further declining Tony’s health, he decided it was time to figure this out on his own. In the process of discovering and correcting his own issues, he learned about many other health concerns, including the most common causes for weight gain and weight loss plateaus. 

Training With Tony

 Because Tony does some of his teaching through email, Tony only accepts clients with email and Internet access. To ask Tony questions about his  training or to set up a session at his private training gym in Studio City, click on “Contact Us” on the left hand navigation bar on any page of this site and place “Train with Tony” in the subject line.

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