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Organic Views on Organic Foods & Products

Organic this, organic that…natural these and natural those.

Let’s look to see what all the fuss is about.  Is it really that important?  Do we really need to eat organically grown produce or use products that are made of organic ingredients?  Is this just marketing or do we really need to continue making these changes?

If you haven’t heard that organic products are a healthier choice, you likely walk around with your ipod playing nonstop and you only listen to 80’s music.  Not that a Flock of Seagulls didn’t play an important part in the history of our great nation, but it might be time to pay attention to what’s going on and the choices you’re making in the grocery store.  More and more products are popping up with a “Certified Organic” label on them so what’s the deal?  Is this important or will the organic windstorm fade away like parachute pants?  

Hearing that Organic foods and products are a healthier choice just isn’t enough for most people. We really need to understand why.  Most tell us that organics are a better choice because there are no pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used in the growing process.  But who cares?  I wash it before I eat it. I mean, I’m not an idiot, right?  Right?  Am I an idiot?  You’re probably not but most of us are misinformed.  Most of us believe that as long as something doesn’t kill us or make us vomit for three days straight that’s its not going to hurt us.  More and more researchers are finding that these chemicals do make it into our body and washing produce isn’t anywhere near enough to keep them out.  

Once in our body, these chemicals can’t stay in our blood stream.  They would disrupt the delicate balance of our blood so the body pulls these chemicals out and anything it can’t remove gets stored in tissues and fat cells to keep our vital organs safe from their harm.  As these chemicals accumulate, the damage begins and the result is a long laundry list of troubles and conditions.  The choice of organic eggs and animal meat is even more important because of the hormones and antibiotics they use to keep the animals alive in poor living conditions long enough to turn them into a chicken kabob.  As the antibiotics go into the animals and are stored in their tissues, guess what we eat.  We eat a B.L.A…bacon, lettuce and antibiotic sandwich.  With the constant flow of low amounts of antibiotics going into our system, the bad bugs that sneak in our bodies begin to build up a tolerance and we wonder why some of our “Wonder Drugs” aren’t working anymore. 

Beyond the chemicals and drugs is a much more serious issue in my opinion:  Using chemical fertilizers and improper farming methods have left the soil deplete of most of the needed minerals.  Plants are meant to flourish from the minerals found in the soil and then we flourish from the minerals found in the plants when we eat them.  Organic farming leaves these minerals intact so they are present in our food.  Produce that is not grown organically has a fraction of the mineral content found in the organic produce and even organic ingredients that you find in some products. 

The problem is that our bodies need the minerals in order to process sugars and carbohydrates found in these fruits and vegetables.  If the minerals are not available in the food we eat, our body strips the minerals from our reserves, our tissues or even our bones in order to process these sugars.  You think Osteoporosis is on the rise because it just wants to be as popular as diabetes.  There’s a reason.  We’re stripping our body of minerals because there isn’t enough in the food we eat. At least give your body a chance.  By eating organic foods and products, yes, you limit the amount of toxic chemicals that go into your body.  But more importantly, you give your body the minerals it needs to operate correctly so you don’t have to steal from yourself.  

 Organic Views on Organic Foods and Products