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Adding Products and Images - While signed into to your control panel ("My Home" at the bottom of the left hand Main menu bar.), click on My Products and then add a product.  Fill in all the information, select a category, and then next to Photo 1 select the "Browse" button.  You can then search through your computer to find the image you want to add.  You can add up to 4 products by adding one product per product box.  You can come back and edit this information and the photos anytime you like.  Once you've completed all changes, be sure to hit submit at the bottom and your changes should show up instantly.    

Adding Products to Multiple Categories - To add a product to more than one category, while selecting the category, simply hold down the command or apple key while you select multiple categories.  If you select a subcategory, you do not need to also select the main category as your product will automatically show up in the main category if it falls within one of it's subcategories.    


I've added my GearAward winning product but it's award is not showing up next to it.

Just send us a note through our Contact form and let us know the award winning product is posted and the name of that product and we will attach your award seal to the posting, giving you premium placement.   

How can I get my products featured in the "Featured Products" boxes on the right hand side of the Wholesale Directory and in the Featured Products Bar" on the home page of the directory?

Soon, we will allow companies to pay a fee to be featured in those areas as well as receive them as a bonus with advertising packages on our site.  Currently, the only products that are featured in those areas are from companies that have purchased promotional products for their GearAward winners such as stickers, banners or licensing fees for using the seal images for print purposes.  Any GearAward winning company that places an order now will immediately have all of their award winning products placed into the rotation of all of the featured product boxes and bars in the Wholesale directory as well as the GearAwards sections that are visited by consumers.  

When I click on my Company name to view my company profile, I get an error message.

That's because you're not logged in as a qualified wholesale buyer.  We protect all your contact info as well as pricing info so consumers can't see it and so you don't get spammed by people trying to sell you stuff.  When buyers register with us and are verified as a wholesale buyer, they get a special login that allows them to see all the information that a non-buyer can't see.  They will be able to access your phone number and contact info as well as send you messages directly within our system. You can still access your company profile through your control panel to make changes, additions and check for  errors.  But only Wholesale buyers can see this information in the actual directory.  


*If you still need help, just send us a note through our contact form under the Main Menu to the left.