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Why am I so Tired?

Where did all my energy go?

People are always asking me…”Why am I so tired?  Why do I feel like I’m 150 when I can still remember my high school locker combination?  Well, there really isn’t just one answer to the question and there can be many, many causes.  But let’s look at a few of the more common reasons in this article. 

First of all, to have energy, your body needs to be able to turn fuel into energy or you really don’t need to look any further. Most people think that if they just put something that they consider to be food in their body, it just turns into fuel and off they go.  That is not always the case.  Not only does much of what we eat have nothing to do with food or nourishment in any way, many people have digestive issues and just don’t know it.  I see clients that just aren’t breaking down food properly more than any other issue.  To understand this better read How Digestion is Supposed to Work.

Now, lets look at some of the quick fixes that people try to use.  Some people’s first assumption when they are tired all the time is that they must have an iron deficiency anemia.  This is actually pretty common.  The only trouble is if you’re not sure, and you’re just taking iron supplements or medications to increase iron levels, you could be making yourself worse.  Just because iron supplements helped your friend at the hair salon doesn’t mean it’s going to help you.  With iron overload conditions like Hemochromatosis much more common than people know, you should really know what your iron levels are before you start trying to increase yours. Especially since chronic fatigue can be a symptom of iron overload just as it can be a symptom of an iron deficiency.  

How about B12?  My friend got a B12 shot and he wouldn’t shut up or sit down for 3 days.  Should I try that?  Many people do need more B12, but again, B12 could be the last thing you need.  When it comes to understanding your energy levels and understanding how your body really works, you have to understand balance.  There is no one substance that will increase energy in everyone because everyone’s body and chemistry is not in the same place.  B12 is actually great for helping your body burn fat and use it for fuel.  But many people already burn fat very well and the trouble their having is that they don’t burn carbs, or glucose very well, if at all.  Most type II diabetics aren’t burning glucose well but their body burns fat very well. So, if you give someone like that B12, you’re only going to push their imbalance further in the wrong direction.  We were made to burn both fat and glucose but many of us can be pushed one direction for many different reasons.  If a person is mostly burning fats, but they go on a low-fat diet, well, they just eliminated the only form of fuel that their body was processing correctly.  That person is going to be tired.  On the other hand, if a person is burning more glucose and fewer carbs but they go on a low-carb diet… do you get the picture? 

The best way to really increase your energy is to understand how your body is using energy.  There are thousands of natural practitioners in this country that do all kinds of biological and body terrain testing that can give you insight into how your specific body is operating.  Seek them out in your community and stop just throwing darts on your dartboard of health, hoping that you’ll hit the right mark.  There is no magic potion, there is no magic product, and there is no magic herb or nutrient.  We are all different and we all need different foods, nutrients, and supplements to balance our body so it runs optimally.  If you do some research and the necessary work to find what’s right for you, the effort will be well worth it.