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San Diego, California 92118

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Every chiropractor is different. There are many myths about Chiropractic. Learn what Chiropractic is and isn't (WEEKLY CLASSES on various wellness & health topics). My philosophy is to obtain balance through proper joint alignment, muscle tone balance & posture through up to date physiotherapy and science-based biomechanics. I am also very conservative when adjusting is involved to prevent injury. Difficult cases are welcome such as shoulder pain with pain/numbness to fingers, carpal tunnel & hip pain. No consultation fee if you decline treatment.

Pain & Injury Care:
Effective Traditional & Safe Low Force Chiropractic
Chronic & Difficult Cases
Active Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation
Posture Correction
Cold Laser Therapy
Pre & Post Surgical Care:
Safe & Conservative Therapy
Alternative To Surgery
Muscle & Scar Tightness
Nerve Entrapment Therapy: Numbness & Tingling, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica

Advanced Muscle Therapy:
Therapeutic Massage (Myofascial Release) & Stretches
Injury & Scar Therapy
Sports Performance Enhancement